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If only I could see the end of the world...
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The Beyond Birthday community
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About Death Note
Death Note is a manga series created by Tsugumi Ohba (story) and Takeshi Obata (drawings) about a brilliant Japanese student called Light Yagami who finds a strange notebook with the power of killing the person whose name is written in it. He decides to become the god of a new world without criminals, however he will have to fight against the part of the society who considers him just the mass murder Kira, side leads by the enigmatic detective L. A moralistic tale about the corruption of the human soul by power. Currently, it's complete at 13 volumes, it has an anime of 37 episodes, 3 live-action movies and a novel, receiving all of them an extremely good welcome by the manga/anime fans, being Death Note one of the present-day series with a hugest fandom.

About Another Note
Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Muder Cases is a complementary novel written by Nisioisin with an original concept by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba which tells the story of the case L solved with the help of the FBI agent Misora Naomi, mentioned in the chapter 15 of the second volume. The main character is Beyond Birthday, a young man raised at Wammy's House, an orphanage created with the purpose of finding L's sucessors. After being chosen as the following L BB decides to surpass him at all costs, becoming a terrible criminal if necessary. The boy with shinigami eyes, intelligent as well as creepy, is nothing but the perfect copy of the original L, a fact that causes some misunderstandings...

Concerning this community
This community is focused on the character Beyond Birthday, although it also exists to discuss about everything related to the novel. Fanworks such as fanarts, fanfictions, doujinshis, AMVs, cosplays, icons/banners or similar are more than welcome!

· Post large pics under a lj-cut or leave a link. You can post a preview of them, if you want to.
· Post fics under a lj-cut or leave a link. Don't forget to specify title, pairing, genre, rating, warnings and a little summary.
· Shonen-ai/yaoi related works are allowed, despite you must warn this kind of content.
· Explicit adult references are permitted too, but you have to warn it as well.
· Respect the other users' opinions and their integrity. No personal insults: if you have a problem about this point, contact the moderator.
· No spamming.
· Beware of spoilers!
· No "Hi, I'm new" posts. Feel free to introduce yourself in your first entry, but give some contribution too.
· Do not steal another's stuff, always credit if it doesn't belong to you.
· For any suggestion, question or problem send a PM to the mod.

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